• 1 big tiger prawn

  • 2 cherry tomatoes

  • Half lime

  • 1 teaspoon of garlic powder

  • black pepper powder

  • white pepper powder

  • chili powder and salt

  • Litsea 10g

  • tomato paste 20g

  • Dill 8g

  • Extra virgin olive oil 400cc


Clean the prawn, cut the back and deveining, remove the shells and heads.
Cut cherry tomatoes in half, drop extra virgin olive oil, season with a little bit salt. Put in the oven, preheat at 170 degrees and bake for 8 minutes.
Make 3 different kinds of flavored olive oil :
Pour a small amount of extra virgin olive oil in a pan. Add prawn head and shell, tomato paste, chili powder and a bit of salt, stir-fry for 5 minutes at low heat. Then add 50cc of extra virgin olive oil to mix, make an orange-red flavored olive oil.
Boil the dill in 1 minute then take it out. Put in a bowl, add white pepper powder, a bit of salt, extra virgin olive oil 50cc, mix well to make a grass-green flavored olive oil.
In a small bowl, put Litsea, garlic powder, white pepper powder, black pepper powder, a little bit salt, and then add 50cc of extra virgin olive oil, mix well making a spice-flavored olive oil.
Put the prawn, sliced lime, and Litsea in a pan. Pour extra virgin olive oil until cover the prawn, and cook the prawn in the olive oil with low heat for about 7 minutes.
Presentation : Put the big tiger prawn on the plate. Add three different flavor olive oils on it. Decorate with the roasted cherry tomatoes, a pinch of dill and Litsea, the delicious and colorful dish is ready to be served.