• 1 Loofah

  • Minced pork 180g

  • Bamboo shoots 40g

  • Bok Coy 20g

  • 2 salted egg yolks

  • Green onion 15g

  • Potato starch10g

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • Water / Broth 180cc

  • Extra virgin olive oil 50cc


Wash all the ingredients. Dice the bamboo shoots and chop green onion
Put the minced pork, bamboo shoots in a bowl. Add a little bit green onion, potato starch, salt and extra virgin olive10cc, mix evenly.
Peel and slice the loofah to 3cm, remove the middle part. Sprinkle a little bit potato starch before filling the seasoned minced pork in the middle.
Pour 15cc of extra virgin olive oil on the ceramic plate, place the Loofah seal meat, add water to the pan and steam cook for 8-10 minutes.
Take another pot. Add broth, Bok Coy, green onions, cook for 1 minute, season with a little bit salt. Then add the potato starch water to make a thick soup. After add extra virgin olive oil to rich the flavor.
Presentation : Take out the steamed loofah seal meat, place on a plate. Decorate with salted egg yolk on top, and slowly pour the broth into it, now the dish is ready to be served.